Updates, Homework and Agenda Page

Welcome grade 7 and 8 students (and parents) to Ms. Miller's wikispace! Here you will find class curriculum updates, homework items with due dates as well as upcoming special events. I encourage you to check this site as frequently as possible to stay informed with what we are doing inside and outside the classroom! For students this wikispace is an excellent tool to stay organized throughout this school year. I am very excited to be with you this year and am looking forward to our educational journey together!

Curriculum being covered:
  • Reading: Novel Study & Inquiry Questions
  • Writing: Inquiry Study
  • Math: Probability
  • Geography
  • Sexual Education

Homework and Agenda Items:

  • Theoretical and Experimental Probability Game - due Friday



Grade 7: Content Covered:
Natural Resources & Sustainability:
Culminating Task Geographic Inquiry: Global Issue and Natural Resources
Due: Friday, June 12

Grade 8: Content Covered:
Global Inequalities
Culminating Activity: Comparison of top and bottom HDI country
Due: Friday, June 12


Music Theory - note names, values and rhythms.
Rhythmic Composition Drumming Performance - due Friday

Health: Health will be done by a planning time teacher on day 5.
Sexual Education has commenced with Ms. Miller - tomorrow we will discuss various contraceptive methods

French: Verb quiz every day 1.

Special Events:
  • Way to go Marchmont! Almost 1000 items. Ms. Miller's class contributed 246 items, claiming the top spot and earning a movie reward!!! Way to go class!
  • Grade 7 Graduation Volunteer Form
  • Grade 8 Pictures
  • Play Day June 19
  • Family BBQ - June 18
  • Graduation- June 22nd
  • Last Day -June 25th